4532 W Kennedy Blvd Ste 162

Tampa, FL 33609

(813) 289-3700


4532 W Kennedy Blvd Ste 162

Tampa, FL 33609

(813) 289-3700


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Tampa Office Space Brokers Specializing in
Tenant and Buyer Representation

Welcome to Office Space Brokers, where we believe it’s more than a transaction. We are a commercial real estate firm specializing in Tenant and Buyer Representation, headquartered in Tampa, Florida. Have you heard the resounding alarm the Tampa office space market is shifting into a Landlord’s market which is key to have representation when looking for office space to rent in Tampa, FL and surrounding areas. Don’t be a dog on a leash, jerked around by a Landlord or Seller who controls your every move, dragged into submission of the Landlord or Seller’s lease and contract demands.

The same when identifying and negotiating your office lease or contract. Landlords have an agent working on their behalf who’s representing their best interest, why shouldn’t you?

We are committed to serving business owners from local and national syndicated companies to non-profits and organizations in between, with the same relationship-focused consistency and results that our team is renowned for. Each business is different, which is why we have a customized commercial real estate service. We deliver a collaborative team approach to serving our clients.


Why are we are committed and passionate about providing an exceptional level of service with our clients? We believe small to medium businesses keep the heart of the economy pumping. By representing, you, as a tenant and/or buyer, we are your advisor and advocate, taking the guess work out of the transaction.

We believe it’s more than a transaction. We know that we will establish this by client-centered operations and demonstrating proficiency in our conduct and skills. And most importantly, we focus on listening to our client’s needs, identifying solutions, and advising on their current and future endeavors.

Our objective is to provide our clients the best possible real estate results, while saving time, slash and reduce their financial risk and keeping our clients’ growth aspirations and financial objectives in mind.

About Us

Over the last 17 years, we’ve honed our trade and understand the practices of our industry. Our core foundational business practices have catapulted Office Space Brokers to the top of our industry. We want the opportunity to share with you why we are so deeply committed to our clients. And whether locally owned or international, we protect the rights and bottom line for everyone from business owners to nonprofits.


Frequently Asked Questions

When Should I Partner with A Tenant Representation Broker?

If you are looking for a new space, ideally between 6-12 months before your current lease ends (if you are within 6 months, we can still help).

If you would like to renew with your current Landlord, 3-6 months before your lease ends.

Who Pays for the Tenant Representation Broker’s Services?

The Landlord pays for our services.

Why Would I Only Work With One Tenant Representative Firm?

Transactional Relationship vs. Fiduciary Relationship. Sometimes businesses’ feel that by having multiple Commercial Tenant Representatives looking on their behalf, they will gain market efficiency and a better transaction. However, the opposite is true. If you have several representatives working with you, they are not an advocate for you, and are only serving as a “Transactional Broker” with are only obligated to be “fair and honest” to both you and the Landlord.

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Client Testimonials

John Drinkard

Managing Broker

Office: (813) 289-3700 Ext. 1
Email: jd@officespacebrokers.com


Chelsea Drinkard


Office: (813) 289-3700 Ext. 2
Email: cd@officespacebrokers.com