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Spring cleaning isn’t just for your wardrobe. With our five easy tips, to spring clean your office, you’ll be rid of the clutter and piles in your office in no time at all!

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1. Assess the big picture – Determining what your office space needs more/less of can really help you to quickly figure out how to tackle this project. For example, do you need more storage? Are lingering piles of paper a sign that another filing cabinet is necessary? On the flip side, do you have too many things crammed together? Does the flow of your space suit your needs? Take action on the things you may need to purchase or move out of your space.

2. Clean every surface – From the tops of your bookcases to underneath your picture frames, we recommend wiping everything off with a damp rag or antibacterial wipe to give it a sparkly, clean feel. Anything that can immediately be put away or thrown away, such as old newspapers, magazines, disposable coffee cups or empty wrappers, should be disposed of at this time as well. By taking this little action step, you are one step closer to a fully clean office!


3. Give everything a home – A place for everything, and everything it its place should be your new office motto for 2016. Look around your space – does every item have a specific place it belongs? Does the pile of books have a spot on your bookcase? Do those trinkets and personal items have a home on your desk or drawer? By assigning each of your items a hub for them to stay and return to, the likelihood of clutter creeping in on you is very slim.



4. Make three piles – Anything that did not have a place in your office should fall in to one of three piles – to keep, to store or to give away. It may take a while to complete this step, depending on the amount of things that need to be sorted. As you sort, ask yourself, “Do I need this now? Do I need this for the future? Can someone else be blessed by this?” to help decide which of the three piles it belongs to. Once you’re done sorting, give homes to the keep pile, store the second pile and bag up the third pile.


5. Refresh your space – Say good bye to the dreary winter months and hello to springtime with a new scented candle, framed family photo or small plant. Once you spring clean your office, adding a little life into your space can go a long way to make your office feel bright, welcome and renewed.

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