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Operating Expense Reconciliation Every Tenant Should Know

What you need to know – Landlords use the Operating Expense Reconciliation to, well, reconcile the difference between the money they projected you would pay as part of the Common Area Maintenance (CAM) fees and what you actually paid and owe them for that space for the year. Of course, landlords don’t go around waving a sign, reminding you of how much they need from you and what you’ll be paying to help upkeep the building during your lease so it’s crucial that you stay on top of tracking these expenses.
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5 Ways to Go Green at Work

Ditch the disposable products – This could be one of the most helpful JOCO lifestyleways to go green at work. While it may not be feasible to get rid of all disposable office products, there certainly may be a few things your office could buy differently in order to conserve the world’s resources. A couple examples would be: invest in coffee mugs in lieu of throwaway cups and consider buying several sets of real silverware instead of its plastic cousins. Or you could add a water cooler to the break room, foregoing the need for cases of water bottles.
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Enjoy Your Office Space in 5 Easy Ways

Enjoy your office space because with a new season can come new opportunities for enjoying the same space you currently reside in? Check out our 5 tips below for some inspiration you can use today!

1. Get some fresh air – Whether you are in a shared work space or have an office to yourself, there’s no need to wait until after work hours to smell the fresh blooms and enjoy the gentle breeze rustling through the nearby trees. Pull up those shades and crank open the windows for a delightful springtime moment right from your office chair. Bonus points: Take your laptop or meeting notes outside for an al fresco afternoon.
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Brighten Up Employee Morale: 3 Useful Tips

Brighten up employee morale and don’t let rainy spring days and the office humdrums get the hold of your employees this season. Instead, take a look at these three easy tips for boosting office morale.

1. Embrace the unexpected – How to brighten up employee morale? Surprise those who work hard in your company. Cater lunch once in a while. Leave gift cards or coffee on employee’s desks as a welcome “keep up the good work”. Leave caffeinated gift, or little treats in the break room for easy munching during the day. This unexpected action does take some creative planning. It is a simple way to add more value and appreciation all around.
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Leasing Warehouse Space: 5 Helpful Tips

For anyone who is looking for leasing warehouse space for the first time, it can be intimidating if you don’t know what to look for – or don’t want to find – in a space that is suitable for your company’s needs. Generally speaking, a warehouse is typically a large single-story building and its primary use is for warehousing and distributing the goods of a business.

Our five tips below will help you choose the perfect warehouse space in Tampa Bay for your business.
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