Whether you enlist the help of a construction management team or handle your business move in-house, one thing is a must: stay organized. Download our free Business Move Checklist and Business Move Coordination Tasks here to keep organized and make sure your company doesn’t miss a beat when it comes time for this exciting but challenging time in every business’ evolution. When it comes time to make a new home for your company, be sure to have this helpful resource at your finger tips.

Business Move Prep Tasks – 2 Months Prior to Move:

  • Develop preliminary move sequence/timeline preparation
  • Determine deinstallation and reinstallation timing of server, desktop and phone lines with IT
  • Determine common area packing and moving, including coffee/break rooms, copy rooms, etc.
  • Define areas of responsibility among employees and staff
  • Assign a Movie Liaison for each department if applicable
  • Schedule Move Committee coordination meeting and distribute assignments
  • Prepare lab equipment ID matrix of all equipment moving if applicable

Business Move Prep Tasks – 1 Month Prior to Move:

  • Review and tweak move schedule as needed
  • Assign move numbers/labeling for each room that will be packed up
  • Create employee move packets and instructions on how to move
  • Prepare agenda for move orientation meeting
  • Create public relations campaign with press releases to highlight new location
  • Determine off-site storage location for old files
  • Confirm insurance needs for the move
  • Discuss and finalize security procedures
  • Coordinate to add your listing to new lobby directory

Business Move Prep Tasks – 2 Weeks Prior to Move:

  • Finalize move schedule
  • Hold employee move orientation meeting and hand out move packets
  • Schedule packing material and label delivery
  • Prepare employee handout with layout of the new space
  • Schedule move day onsite assistance
  • Create an emergency contact list including the moving company, building management, utilities, telecommunications, etc.
  • Set up a lost and found at both current office and future office
  • Identify move command central – for mover and employee inquiries
  • Select cleaning vendor for post-move if applicable

Business Move Prep Tasks – Week of Move:

  • Tag and label destination site with room numbers and equipment IDs
  • Mount ‘You are here’ floor plans and color-coded instructions
  • Schedule training for all emergency procedures at new location
  • Distribute emergency contact list
  • Review and finalize move schedule and distribute to Move Committee
  • Prep building for move
  • Distribute new security ID cardkey entry badges
  • Change locks and access codes at new location, as close to Moving Day as possible

Business Move Prep Tasks – Day of Move:

  • Assign move liaisons for current office and destination office
  • Utilize onsite help to coordinate move related questions
  • Complete job walk each day of move of schedule/completion/damage, etc.
  • Allocate keys and/or access cards for new location
  • Distribute employee handouts at their new destination