How Much Space Do You Really Need?

Before you lease an office it’s important to figure out how much space you really need. This office space calculator will help you plan your future work space to make sure it’s the right fit.

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Room Type Quantity Size Square Feet
President/COO x
Large Offices x
Standard Offices x
Small Offices x
Extra Offices x


Room Type Quantity Size Square Feet
Large x
Standard x
Small x

Meeting Rooms

Room Type Quantity Size Square Feet
Board Room x
Conference Room x
Small Room x

Other Rooms

Room Type Quantity Size Square Feet
Large Reception x
Small Reception x
Copy Room x
Large Kitchen x
Small Kitchen x
Regular Server/File Room x
Small Server Room x
Game Room x


+ Circulation Area*
Total Usable Area
Core Factor**
Total Rentable Area

*Circulation Area – Space required for internal office circulation not accounted for in the net square footage above.

**Core Factor – Percentage of common area space such as lobbies, restrooms, and corridors as compared to the total net rentable square footage in the building.