Buyers Can Become Sellers Representation

Buyers Can Become Sellers Representation

Sometimes our Buyers become Sellers. Seller Representation or feeling confident with the right commercial real estate brokerage firm to represent your commercial property is one of the top needs our clients have when looking for representation. That’s why it is our priority to establish trust with you by always putting your best interest first.

When representing a client who is looking to sell a property, we study all the available resources. Based on current market trends, comparative sales, and leveraging appraisal community, we determine the market value. Our goal for our client is to sell the asset at the highest price in the shortest amount of time.

To achieve this goal, we are committed to marketing and advertising your property. From online resources and fliers to face-to-face door knocking within a radius of your property,  we are proactive in selling your office, retail or warehouse space.

Maximizing the value of your asset is our goal at Office Space Brokers. We utilize our software to analyze your property from a financial perspective and evaluate its current and future potential value. Working with you, we help to determine just the right time to bring a property onto the market and to garner the greatest potential to accomplish a satisfactory sale transaction.

When your property is ready to be marketed, we work on many different levels to help secure a qualified buyer. Office Space Brokers is also very experienced in assisting potential buyers work through the current lending challenges by better positioning these buyers to complete a purchase.

Let our Brokers help you achieve the greatest value for your property. Our tailored work includes:

  • A complete financial evaluation of the building.
  • Evaluate any obstacles to a sale, i.e. lease expiration, deferred maintenance, prepayment penalties.
  • Analyze market comparable properties.
  • Establish a price.
  • Identify the target market for the asset.
  • Feature on commercial listing services.
  • Feature the property to brokerage community.
  • Provide negotiation services and/or work with seller’s legal counsel.
  • Manage an accepted offer through closing.