Strategic Partnership:

No hype, just innovation and results. Isn’t it frustrating when someone does not deliver on their word or is not truthful about where your property stands in the market versus your competitors? We utilize our software to analyze your property from a financial perspective and evaluate its current and future potential value to sell your commercial property in Tampa, FL. Based on your objectives, we determine just the right time to bring a property onto the market and to garner the greatest potential to accomplish a satisfactory sale transaction.

Boots on the Ground Approach:

Although the internet plays a significant role when potential Tenant’s and Buyers are looking for properties, anyone can upload a property on the online database and sit by their phone, crossing their fingers hoping for phone calls. Our seller representation in Tampa, FL is a proactive in our Tampa seller representation or your office building with a comprehensive marketing plan utilizing online databases, social media, direct mail and boots on the ground approach within the target radius of your property.

Our tailored work includes:

  • A complete financial evaluation of the building.
  • Evaluate any obstacles to a sale, i.e. lease expiration, deferred maintenance, prepayment penalties.
  • Analyze market comparable properties.
  • Establish a price.
  • Identify the target market for the asset.
  • Feature on commercial listing services.
  • Feature the property to brokerage community.
  • Door-to-door prospecting in target radius
  • Provide negotiation services and/or work with seller’s legal counsel.
  • Manage an accepted offer through closing.