Is your lease about to expire? Curious about what office space options are out there?

Have you run out of room in your office and busting out of the seams?

Is your office space layout inefficient for your business?

Is your Landlord’s rent increase negatively impacting your bottom line?

Office Space Brokers provides Tampa office relocation solutions. Whatever your reasons for considering moving, we are here to help with office relocation assistance in Tampa, FL.

There are three phases to an office move.

  • Strategic Plan
  • Selection
  • Build Out

The market can fluctuate, new technologies develop and employees multiply. You must plan and prepare for the unknown future.

A key factor when inquiring for Tampa office relocation assistance, is the size of your company, which effects the time it will take for the move and lease structure.

Here is a rule of them for a moving timeline:

1-5 employees

  • 30-90 days
  • 5 year lease

15-35 employees

  • 3-6 months
  • At least a 5 year lease

50 employees and up

  • 6-12 month process
  • 5-10 year lease

1) Strategic Plan

Selecting a new building is more than just a location. Office space impacts every facet of your business including productivity, morale, revenue, sustainably and company culture.

  • What are your company’s business objectives?
  • Which office space will support those goals?
  • What is your estimate growth for the 5 years?
  • What’s your exit plan when the lease ends?
  • Who is your workforce and what is their work style?


Assess where you are.

In order to assess what you need, you have to figure out where you are.

Where are inefficiencies in the office? What needs improved?

What style of building suites your team?

Do you need enclosed offices or work stations? How many square feet per employee?


Rule of thumb for work stations:

Traditional 8×8 workstation

200-225 square feet per person


Bench-style seating

150-175 square feet per person


Commute Analysis:

Do traffic patterns effect your employees? Where do most employees and prospective employees live? How long is their average commute?

Demographic Analysis:

Are your employees multigenerational? What specific needs do they have?

Growth Analysis:

How many sales people? Executives? And etc.?

2) Selection

  • Tour vetted options
  • Request and compare office space proposals from Landlords
  • Conduct test fits to see how daily operations would function


Negotiating your lease.

It is vital you understand the costs associate with each property and comparing your initial and monthly costs that are included and not included in the rent which you will responsible for.

Market conditions analysis
Is the building in a desirable area? What are average asking rents?

Financial analysis
Compare monthly rent obligations and any financial obligations additional to rent

Lifestyle and Work style analysis
Compare buildings by location, image, functionality, views, proximity to amenities and more.

Functional building analysis
Compare buildings by structure, safety, efficiency and access.


3) Build out.

Think of the build out and move as a complex symphony with several different instruments playing at the same time and if they do exactly what they are supposed to sounds exquisite. Who will be the point person during construction?

Beware of the risks that can occur during the build out. Market conditions can delay permits for approval through the county or city. Change orders, which are changes you may request the contractor to make can be costly. There will be some form of business interruption once you do move with phone, internet and etc.

You want to coordinate the proper timing of your IT, phone, internet, security and office movers with completion of your build out.

Whatever your reasons for considering moving, having a Broker work on your behalf guiding your through the unchartered waters of office relocation saves time, reduces your financial risk and increases efficiency. We are here to guide you with office relocation assistance in Tampa, FL.